6 SEO Strategies To Obtain High Quality Backlinks

6 SEO Strategies To Obtain High Quality Backlinks

In the past, the more backlinks you have, the more chance you have to be ranked on search engines. However, this old method has completely died with the recent changes to Google algorithms. Now, the search engine ranking is based on the “quality backlinks” you have instead of “quantity”.

Here are six organic SEO strategies that will help you obtain high quality backlinks.

#1. Guest Posting, But Requesting “nofollow” Tags on Lower Ranked Sites

One of the great ways to obtain high quality backlinks is by guest posting. Guest posting allows you to write and publish articles on other blogs or websites. At the end of each post, you can include an author bio with your website URL or social media profile link. Guest posting on higher ranked websites will help you attain quality links and will also help you drive more targeted traffic to your website. However, you should request a “nofollow” tag on lower ranked sites to protect your website from penalties.

#2. Social Media

Search engines like Bing and Google have revealed that they track publicly shared links on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Bing and Google can track the social authority of a user, such as how many followers you have, how many people you follow, and how many people have shared your content. These public figures can add a slight weight to the listing in regular search results. Thus, the more your content gets naturally shared on social media, the more search engine visibility your website will get.

#3. Video Marketing with YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video marketing websites on the internet, and it goes without saying that search engines love YouTube. The source of the backlink is really important when it comes to search engine rankings. By utilizing YouTube as a source, you are not only building links, but are also increasing the authority of your website. Therefore, you need to create YouTube videos that provide value to your audiences and also include links on the video description.

#4. Quality Backlink Generation from Relevant Websites

Websites that are relevant to your industry or niche are good for backlink generation. These websites include authority websites with higher page rank, press release websites with higher page rank, as well as websites that target the same audiences as yours. However, you should stay away from websites that don’t provide value to their audiences. You should also avoid websites with no content, and websites with lower/no page rank.

#5. Private Blog Networks

A private blog network, or PBN, is a group of blog sites that deal with a specific niche, which is built to help other websites achieve higher page ranks. Typically, private blog networks consist of five or more websites so you can have multiple links from the same network. However, you need to make sure that the PBN you choose is relevant to your niche and has a top page rank.

#6. Relevant Forum Links

Being an active participant on forums relevant to your niche or industry can help you build quality backlinks. In order to promote your site, you can just place a link within the signature portion of your forum profile so that it will be shown in every post you make. Don’t waste your efforts by simply posting your website link on threads or answers because those links are more likely get removed by the admin if they sound promotional. Be helpful, respond to other people’s questions if you know the answers. You can also create new threads if you have some ideas or tips to share with your audiences.

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