How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

As a website owner, you need traffic but the question is “how to increase traffic to your website?” In this article, you can see a few working strategies to increase traffic to your website.

#1 Make good use of social media sites

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get a lot of traffic is through social media sites. Make sure that you’re active on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Post content on these sites regularly and get it shared as much as you can.

#2 Guest posting on highly reputed websites

Don’t miss a chance to guest post on popular or reputed websites. However, you must avoid low ranked websites and websites that don’t provide value to their audiences. Publishing awesome articles on reputed blogs will bring you lots of qualified traffic to your website.

#3 Blog commenting on relevant websites

You might be visiting different websites related to your field or industry. Whenever you read blog posts from such websites, feel free to use their comment section. Don’t try to promote yourself there, but just participate in their discussions and be a helpful member.

#4 Spread your word with email marketing

Sharing your recent blog posts or updates with your email subscribers can help you get a good number of visitors to your website. Whenever you have published a blog post, make sure that you send it to your email subscribers. However, don’t bombard people with lots of links or messages; just use your email marketing wisely.

#5 Invite top bloggers to guest blog on your site

This seems to be a strange strategy at first. However, the truth is that if you invite top bloggers to guest blog on your site, you’ll be driving lots of new visitors to your website. Most bloggers promotes the posts they have made and this will help you get noticed by many people in their network.

#6 Have interviews with industry leaders and publish them on your website

You can have interviews with influential people especially with those belong to your industry or other industries. These people may have a huge fan following so more people will come to your website. This increases the credibility of your brand.

#7 Host a webinar or take part in others webinar

If you are able to host a webinar, then that would be great. If you can’t do a webinar yourself, then you can take part in others webinar. Hosting a webinar or taking part in others webinar can drive lots of traffic to your website.

#8 Contests or giveaways

Contests or giveaways are good for attracting a lot of visitors to your website. You can either start a contest on your website or offer a useful material for free. People are more likely visit your website if they can have some advantage from it.

#9 Create presentations that can be used on sites like Slideshare

If you have some tips or tricks for your target visitors, then why can’t you create a presentation and share it on sites like Slideshare? Creating such a presentation is not a tough task. If you don’t have anything new to share, then create a presentation with the help of one of your blog posts. However, make sure that you’re sharing very useful information.

#10 Create useful YouTube videos

Without doubt, YouTube is an amazing video marketing website that can bring tons of traffic to your website. Create useful videos for your target audiences and upload them on YouTube. Make sure that you’re providing a detailed keyword optimized description as well as website URL on your videos. This will help search engines rank your videos and eventually you will be driving traffic to your website.

#11 Find relevant forums and help others

Do you know forums related to your industry? If yes, this is turning out to be a great strategy. Help other people by responding to their posts and creating your own posts. This will help you drive lots of traffic to your website.

#12 Start a blog on your website and encourage discussions

If you don’t have a blog on your website, you should start one soon. Post informative articles regularly and also enable a comment section for your readers. Always encourage discussions and answer your reader’s questions. This will help you build relationships with your readers, and they will probably visit your website again.

#13 Create podcasts and upload to iTunes

If you have some ideas that will help many people, why don’t you plan of creating a few podcasts? You can create very informative podcasts and upload them to iTunes. With this technique, not only you will get traffic to your site but also your brand exposure will increase.

#14 Start a forum on your website

If it is possible to start a forum on your website, then you can go ahead. This will allow people stay longer on your website. You will also get lots of new visitors daily. Websites with forums are more likely get noticed by people.

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