How Do You Impress Potential Customers When You Are New To Them?

How Do You Impress Potential Customers When You Are New To Them?

Are you struggling to impress your potential customers online? If yes, then you might want to reconsider and change your current marketing strategy. Creating a good impression among prospects is the first step you must take when it comes to selling!

IMPRESSION leads to TRUST, and TRUST leads to SALES!

However, it is not an easy task to impress a customer when he/she is not familiar with your company. Below are a few things that you can try in order to impress your potential customers when you (or your business) are new to them.

#1. Detailed Customer Testimonials

One of the biggest things that you can include on your website is detailed customer testimonials. Get feedback and recommendations from your past customers that you can publish on your website. This can be presented like a case study, such as how we helped a past customer, how we helped a customer to succeed, etc.

For example, “How we helped David to sell 500 cars in a month?” Here, your prospects will be keen to know how David has made 500 sales, right? Well, the idea is simple. You are showing the exact problems your past customers had, the solutions you offered, and the results they achieved. This will help your potential customers assume that you have a solution for their problem as well.

#2. Share Your Knowledge

Have you ever tried providing “something special” to your potential customers, rather than just trying to promote your business, products, or services?

Well, what I mean by this “something special” are the things that can make your customer’s business or lifestyle easier.

The best way to do this is by sharing knowledge. Sharing knowledge, or other valuable information that your customers want to know, will not only impress them, but will also show yourself as an expert in your field.
Now, how can you share your knowledge? There are two easy ways.

Blog Posts

Blogging is the best way to provide value to your customers. You need to write blog posts with information your customers want, not what you like. Understand the problems or questions your customers have, and provide solutions for them. You can write some tips, tricks, and tutorials that are really helpful to your clients.

Social Media Shares

Social media is a type of community. The best way for small businesses (or any business) to build their brand and recognition is to act like a member of a community, rather than a marketer. Sharing your knowledge (or knowledge of others) whether it is a blog post, motivational message, podcast, video tutorial, or any kind of valuable information through social media sites is necessary.

The more you do this, the more you get noticed and impressed by others. Impressing potential customers on social media means driving targeted traffic to your website when they are looking for more information/expertise and even when they are looking to make a purchase.

#3. Be a Fast Responder

Don’t forget that your customer has plenty of choices available. So it is your duty to not let your customer go to your competitors. Whenever you receive a question or message from a prospect or site visitor, respond as soon as possible. This will make them realize that you always value your customer’s time.

Now here is a question to you!
What do you do to impress new visitors to your website?
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